Saturday, 30 June 2012

Weekend Question

A new feature for a new blog...the weekend question. This week's question is "Which one rule in sport would you abolish?"

Leg Before Wicket

With the Aussies in town for a bunch of one dayers, its time to look at the stupidest rule in cricket, the LBW. The rule is too complicated for novices to understand, its too technical and leads to boring bowling. Far better to abandon it all together and then we can see what effect it has on the batting styles of the top teams. Like most ideas on this blog, this one is not fully thought through but you can see how  once freed up from having to keep their legs out of the way of the ball this could encourage all batsmen to simply have a whack at virtually every ball thus leading to more catches and so making the whole thing a little more like rounders.

Merv Hughes - LBW and weather hater?

Renowned cricket expert Bill Weresford has had other ideas on how to liven up the game:

"I would play on whatever the weather, fans are sick of the players complaining that its too dark or too cold or whatever. The worst thing for fans is when a little bit of inclement weather stops play. Why? The players are paid enough, get on with it we say. Can you imagine someone like Merv Hughes slinging down a full on bouncer in pouring rain, it would be like skipping stones, it'll stop batsmen from just digging in and blocking it all the time"
All very improbable.

If anyone is interested, comment below with ideas for rule abolitions please.

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