Monday, 2 July 2012

Spain get away with it

It's amazing that this has not been noticed during Euro 2012 but it appears that Spain have created their own rule especially for the tournament.

The rule they have adopted is having at least 14 players on the pitch at any one time. Normally this would be spotted by the officials but by running around and constantly passing the ball, this seems to have duped everyone. It's a very effective tactic to adopt as no team has been able to cope with this approach for the last three major tournaments. Other teams are confused as to how Spain always seem to have 7 players attacking and then when the opposition are counter attacking there are 7 Spanish players in defence immediately.

Count them if you can

Renown football rules expert Bill Weresford added a new dimension to the issue:
"This ruse by Spain explains why Torres can't get a game. With his blond locks he just stands out against the black haired wonders and this allows officials to start a proper count. It's better for Spain if they leave him on the bench until they are well in front in the game. It's obvious really when you think about it."
So that's how they have won every major tournament for the last four years as improbable as it sounds.

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