Monday, 16 July 2012

Camping Cricket

Not a new rule change or any other improbable event, but a major injury aggravated by the age old sport of camping cricket.
Picture the scene, a remote campsite all of about a mile outside Garstang, a group of fellas old enough to know better and some kids to get in the way and you have all the ingredients of a cracking game of camping cricket.
The lack of proper rules does help to get a good game going, what rules there are can be summarised as such:

  • No proper pitch, just some random grass that can produce a good uneven bounce and wicked turn
  • No running between the wickets, as there are no runs being counted only slogging it over the tents counts as a good shot worthy of comment
  • A tennis ball sometimes bowled underarm, sometimes delivered at about 100mph
  • Odd fielding positions created by a combination of the age of the batter and the condition of said tennis ball
  • If you are out first ball, it does't count
Great cricket, played in the spirit of the original game. The only fly in the ointment is the unfortunate knee injury aggravated by one of the players which is being examined by a medical specialist tomorrow. News will be published here as soon as further information becomes available however at this stage it looks like the England vs South Africa series may come a little soon.
As good as it gets

Camping cricket's biggest fan, Bill Weresford had this to say about the weekend's match:
"Terrible game played in the right conditions. Awful batting, useless bowling and hopeless bowling. A bit like watching the Aussies trying to beat England, lol!!! Best wishes to the injured player, its a real shame to see such a talent sitting things out" 

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