Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Man United Next?

There is a growing belief that Man United, by attempting to list on the New York Stock Exchange may be going the way of another famous club who have been in the headlines recently for money troubles and this could in fact lead to demotion from the top flight.

Its the moment all Man City fans have been waiting for, the announcement that the debt-laden ownership of Man United by the Glazer family is leading to inaction in the transfer market and difficulty in paying wages. Fans of the red half of Manchester must be worried by events north of the border where a once cash rich super club is effectively extinct.

This could soon happen to you Mr. Ferguson
Bill Weresford, Scottish football expert had this to say, obviously:
"You can see the day coming when old Mr. Glazer like the old fella from 'Are you being served' starts to lose interest in anything football related and young 'nurses' have to intervene. Its at this point that we can all see Man United doing a Gretna and folding, a sad but strangely happy day also for football"
Improbable, but could happen. Oh and Rangers are in trouble as well.

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