Saturday, 7 July 2012

Tour De Force

This year's Tour de France now has a new leader, Team Sky's Bradley Wiggins and a potential rule change means that the wait for a British champion is nearly over.

Traditionally when it comes to the Tour, British riders can look like world beaters, we are good at gliding along in the Peloton, we are good at sprinting, we are good at climbing those massive mountains.....only we aren't good at climbing those massive mountains, there is not one British rider who can claim to be any good in the mountains. At the first sight of the Alps or the Pyrenees the British rider generally seems to go to pieces and falls to the back of the pack. Its like watching the dad's race at a school sports day, loads of posturing before the event but at the end just lots of middle aged men with red faces trying not to be sick.
This guy could beat any British rider to the top of L'alpe d'huez
Hence the crafty rule change currently being lobbied for by Team Sky. Resident cycling expert Bill Weresford explains:
"What Team Sky are after is to be allowed to create new tunnels through the mountains which will ensure that all of the Tour de France is flat. This will obviously allow Mark Cavendish or Bradley Wiggins to clean up and finally deliver a British win. The French will love that. The only problem with the whole idea is the irony of Sky wanting to dig under something to deliver a win, its something Virgin Media have been doing for a while now if I judge the whole thing on the speed of my broadband so perhaps Sky should reconsider and try to bring in some rule that involves satellites.
And while I am on the subject, please can I have Sky Sports for half price for the next year?"
So there it is, a rule change that although improbable, makes some sort of sense to someone.

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