Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Olympic Fever

The Olympics has started with the sport that continues to confuse most sports fans the world over....Women's Football.

The IOC and FIFA need to have a look at the whole sport because avid football fans have been switching on their TV's  today and then following this with much head scratching.
The reason for this is that women's football looks like football, they have a bit of skill like football, there are goals, free kicks, corners and penalties, like football but somehow its just not quite right. A bit like picking up a bottle of milk and finding out that it's skim instead of full fat. The reasons for the confusion can be boiled down into the following:

  • The crowds seem to scream a lot, like a load of teenagers at a One Direction gig. 
  • The game seems to be played at half speed, a bit like when you are trying to rewind your sky plus and get stuck on x2. 
  • A women's football team seems to consist of 11 outfield players. There doesn't seem to be any keepers, just someone in a different kit who watches the ball go into the net every now and then.
The scene today at the Millennium Stadium, probably
Bill Weresford, resident ladies football expert had this to say:

"Its a bit of a farce really, FIFA need to sort this out, today I was settling down for a bit of early evening tournament football and a load of lasses ran out. They can play a bit mind, especially them Swedes, I'll hear nothing said against them but its a bit like asking for a beer down south, you want a full pint but then some cockney puts lemonade on the top, its almost beer innit but not quite. When does the proper footy start, I can't wait?"

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  1. That GB goalkeeper apparently made the save of the tournament (one match in) earlier! Just because a player is clean through on goal it does not make it save of the season, the shot was the most laughably telegraphed pea-roller you've ever seen! Hilarious!